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  • 16 December 2018

    23 educators were awarded with medals of the Commission of National Education on December 16th, 2018, during the annual ceremony at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York. The medals were presented by Consul Kamil Henne.

    This year’s Christmas meeting of the Polish Supplementary Schools Council in America (CPSD) gathered about 200 people – educators and friends of the CPSD that support Polish cultural education in the USA. The event was hosted by the President of the CPSD, Dorota Andraka, PhD, and the guests were greeted on behalf of the Consulate by Consul Kamil Henne who in his speech emphasized a very good cooperation with the schools and stressed the achievements of the CPSD in teaching and promoting Polish language, traditions and culture. Consul Henne decorated 23 people – school principals, teachers and parents, as well as Polish community activists were awarded with medals of the Commission of National Education. One of the teachers took the opportunity to speak on behalf of the decorated, expressing their thanks for the distinction and the appreciation of the hard work put in educating the children the Polish language.


    The ceremony was attended by the representatives of various organizations, including Iwona Drąg-Korga, PhD (President and Executive Director of the Piłsudski Institute in Greenpoint), the representatives of Polish-Slavic Federal Credit Union, Kościuszko Foundation, and members of the Polish-American clergy. The artistic setting was provided by the students of Polish Supplementary Schools together with their teachers.


    The Polish educational diaspora in the Consular District of New York has been modernizing the methods of teaching the Polish language, history and culture for numerous years. It also continues to report continuous development, due to its constant and tight cooperation with educational centers in Poland.



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