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  • 22 September 2014

    For the first time the prestigious DUMBO ARTS Festival, in the artistic district between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, will feature Polish artists, who will present their artworks, whereas representatives of Polish businesses living in New York and Poland will present their products.

    The Little Poland stand is organized jointly by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, Little Poland Gallery, Polish Cultural Institute and Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate.


    The Festival has a history of great success. Conducted for the past 17 years, the Dumbo Street Fest is attracting thousands of people every single year. Among innovative and ambitious works of art, over 40 artists and entrepreneurs from Poland will be presenting their works. The artworks and products are adjusted to fit the diverse New York audience. Age does not matter! There will be something for adults and something for children:


    1. PZ Witraż Amberlamp
    2. Bajo
    3. Firma Batory
    4. Ewa Budka
    5. Stocki Design
    6. Dobroslawa Dyniszkiewicz- Dobrotka
    7. Ecoleinen
    8. Simply Elegant
    9. Sara Frohlich
    11. Robert Jablonski World
    12. Renata Jaworska
    13. Marcin Kaproń
    14. Marta Kawecka
    15. Jolanta Martyna Pielka - Kether
    16. Ella Kolanowska
    17. Patrycja Korzeniak
    18. Bernice Sokol-Kramer
    19. Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
    20. Wojciech Kubik
    21. Agnieszka Kulon
    22. Jacek Laroux
    23. Cezary Łutowicz
    24. Maciej Markowicz
    25. Joanna Mroczek
    26. Osikowa Dolina
    27. Pas-par-tou
    28. Little Poland Gallery
    29. Polkros
    30. Beza Projekt
    31. Marcin Ryczek
    32. Michal Skalski
    33. Błażej Sendzielski
    34. NP Style
    35. Asia Sztencel
    36. Agata Szymanek
    37. Michael Torzecki
    38. Paweł Wojtasik
    39. Agnieszka Zabawa
    40. Ewa Zeller
    41. Beata Zalewski – WhimsicalArtshop
    42. Karolina Zurawicz

    In the Little Poland stand you will find: wooden toys, ceramics, jewelry, paintings, graphics, photographs, clothes, linen products and furniture. Additionally, movies promoting Poland and Polish cities will be displayed.


    The festival will take place between 26-28 September. You are welcomed to visit Little Poland located at 160 Water Street at the following times:


    From 3:00pm till 10:00pm on Friday, 26 September;

    From 10:00am till 09:00pm on Saturday, 27 September.


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