11 June 2014

The Emotionalists - 20 Years

The Emotionalist Artists Group, the group of like-minded artists, founded in 1994 by renowned sculptor Lubomir Tomaszewski, celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 11.

The Gala celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Emotionalists. The Emotionalists’ styles vary from pure abstraction to classical realism. The group was founded in 1994 by renowned sculptor, nestor of the Polish School of Industrial Design, and professor emeritus at Bridgeport University, Lubomir Tomaszewski. The group has as its mission the return to the natural language of expression in art and seeks to awaken deep emotions in the viewer.


The group’s members are photographers, painters, illustrators and graphic artists who live in the USA and in Europe. Many of them were born in Poland. The Emotionalists have had many exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Denmark, France, and Poland.


Artists: Lubomir Tomaszewski, Beata Szpura, Ivan Bratko, Julia Ambrose, Aleksandra K. Nowak, Jozefa Tomaszewska, Patrycja Todo, Kinga Kolouszek, Jan Hausbrandt, Wojtek Kubik, Mieczyslaw Mietko Rudek, Piotr Betlej, Arthur Skowron, Janusz Skowron, Maksymilian Starzec, Maria Fuks, Zbigniew Nowosadzki, Marcin Bondarowicz, Witold Vito Wojcik, Anna Zatorska, Adam Panek, Renata Komorniczak and Beata Trefon.


Live jazz music was provided by Krzysztof Medyna.


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