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  • 24 July 2014

    This year’s 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising occurs in the same year that Poles will celebrate the 25th year of a free and sovereign Poland. The approaching First of August is, for Varsovians as for all Poles and members of the Polish Diaspora worldwide, a symbol of the fight for freedom, as well as a day of remembrance for these historical breakthroughs.

    After 63 days of heroic Polish struggle against the Germans, it is simply impossible to commemorate every valiant deed or every piece of land wrung from the hands of the Nazis; nor is it possible to venerate every fallen victim or every person who died for his country, as each and every one of these events is a separate piece of history in itself.


    The Warsaw Uprising, despite having happened 70 years ago, remains a healing wound in Poland’s history. The precise number of those who perished, disappeared, or were injured is too high to ever specify. The civilian population of Warsaw suffered the largest losses, as German troops systematically murdered entire neighborhoods.


    The Warsaw Uprising went down in history as an example of a patriotic battle on behalf of Polish society, emphasized by the courage of those soldiers undeterred by the ruthlessness and cruelty of the German troops. This attitude is often portrayed as an esteemed example of dedication, perseverance, and heroism in the struggle for freedom as a virtue far higher in value than human life or material pleasures.


    The 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Warsaw Uprising has been placed under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski. This year’s Commemoration in Warsaw will be unique not only by the countless accompanying ceremonials both throughout Poland and abroad, but also by the sheer number of participants: at the cordial invitation of the Mayor of Warsaw, over 700 honorable guests will travel to the capital, 400 of whom participated themselves in the Uprising. The United States will represent over one hundred guests, hailing from cities including Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.


    The program of events during the ceremonial is organized by the City of Warsaw, in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland.


    JULY 29th • TUESDAY


    10:30am              Commemoration ceremony by the “Żolnierzom Żywiciela” Rock

                                   PARK IM. ŻOŁNIERZY “ŻYWICIELA” BY KS. J. POPIEŁUSZKI STREET


    11:00am              Opening of the exhibit, “Warsaw Uprising, 1944” by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski and the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck





    11:00am              Meeting of the Warsaw Uprising Insurgents with the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski and the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

                                   Ceremonial distribution of state honors and orders by the President of the Republic

                                   PARK WOLNOŚCI BY THE WARSAW UPRISING MUSEUM

                                   (BY INVITATION ONLY)


    6:00pm                Ceremonial  welcome of the Warsaw Uprising Insurgents by the authorities of the City of Warsaw

                                   Performance of “Young Warsaw – Everday Life in the Fighting Capital,” directed by Roman Kołakowski

                                   COURTYARD OF THE WARSAW CITY HALL, PL. BANKOWY 3/5


    JULY 31st • THURSDAY


    12:00pm              Solemn Session of the Council of the City of Warsaw

                                   ROYAL CASTLE, BALLROOM


    6:00pm                Solemn Holy Field Mass

                                   PLAC KRAŚIŃSKICH, BY THE WARSAW UPRISING MONUMENT


    7:00pm                Appeal to the Fallen

                                   PLAC KRAŚIŃSKICH, BY THE WARSAW UPRISING MONUMENT


    8:00pm                Showing of “The Singing Walls,” written and directed by Jerzy Bielunas

                                   PLAC KRAŚIŃSKICH




    9:00am                 Offering of flowers by the plaque commemorating the signing into order the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising by Colonel Antoni Chruściel “Monter,” the Commander of the Warsaw District Command of the Home Army



    10:00am              Ceremonys by the Monument “Mokotów Walczący – 1944”

                                   PARK IM. GENERAŁA GUSTAWA ORLICZ-DRESZERA      

                                   “Marsz Mokotowa” – processional from Puławska Street to Dworkowa Street


    11:30am              Ceremonial planting of the Tree of Remembrance to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

                                   OGRÓD SASKI


    12:00pm              Ceremonial Changing of the Guard

    Offering of wreaths by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

                                   PLAC MARSZAŁKA JÓZEFA PIŁSUDSKIEGO


    1:30pm                Ceremony of offering flowers by the Monument of General Stefan Rowecki „Grota”

                                   CORNER OF F. CHOPIN STREET AND AL. UJAZDOWSKIE


    2:00pm                Ceremony by the Polish Underground Nation and Home Army Monument

                                   WIEJSKA STREET


    4:00pm-4:45pm Offering of flowers by the tomb of General Antoni Chruściel “Monter”

                                   MILITARY CEMETARY “POWĄZKI” (KW. D 18, RZ. L 01, GR.1)


    5:00pm                Hour “W” – Paying tribute to the Insurgents

                                   GLORIA VICTIS MONUMENT, MILITARY CEMETARY “POWĄZKI”


    7:30pm                Ceremonial offering of wreaths by the “Polegli – Niepokonani” Monument

                                   Nondenominational worship service

                                   ISURGENTS OF THE WARSAW UPRISING CEMETARY IN WOLA


    9:00pm                Ceremony at the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising – lighting of the Fire of Remembrance 

                                   BARTYCKA STREET




    6:00pm                Ceremony in honor of the civilians of Wola by the Monument in Memory of the 50 Thousand Inhabitants of Wola Murdered by the Germans during the Warsaw Uprising, 1944





    6:00 pm               Putting out of the flame on the Mound of the Warsaw Uprising – end of the 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

                                   BARTYCKA STREET         


    For details, please contact the Office of the City of Warsaw:


                    • For media information:

                    • For contact information in diplomatic relations:


            Wydział Kontaktów Zagranicznych w Centrum Komunikacji Społecznej

    Mrs. Anna Grocholska (Director) tel. 224431061 mail (from August 14th)

    or Mr. Błażej Kieruzalski tel. 224431067 mail (from August 14th).

    Photo: the Warsaw Rising Museum
    Photo: the Warsaw Rising Museum

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