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  • 9 August 2017

    Janusz Radgowski is a disabled marathoner who is going to cross the USA on a wheelchair for the second time. In 2018, he will set off in his fourth marathon which will be dedicated to seriously ill children.

    Much as his first endeavor of this kind was organized in Poland (covering a route from Cracow to Sopot),  the second spread across Europe (from Vatican City – Holy See to Wadowice, Poland) and the third marathon took place in the USA on the route the Pacific-Atlantic Ocean. This time, the venture of Janusz Radgowski, held under the banner ‘Dreams coming true. On a wheelchair across the US’, will begin in Sarasota, Florida and come to an end in Doylestown, New Jersey. The sportsman, over the course of his journey, will cover 13 states, 5 of which – Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey – are embraced by the consular district of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York.


    The objective of this year’s edition of the enterprise is to provide help and financial support for an 8-year old Mateusz Kaliszewski, a boy suffering from cerebral palsy. Throughout these few years, he has already undergone several severe surgeries on account of his other afflictions: hydrocephaly and valvular insufficiency. At present, Mateusz is awaiting another procedure – eyes operation. The boy is in constant need of rehabilitation and treatment, whose costs go beyond his parents’ financial capacities. Janusz Radgowski will cover the route Florida - New Jersey on a wheelchair for Mateusz.


    The venture kicks off on a very special day – the March 1st, 2018, which represents the National Remembrance Day of the Cursed Soldiers. In his schedule the finishing post is the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa which is situated in Doylestown, New Jersey where he will lay flowers by the Cursed Soldiers Monument. Radgowski is planning to reach the final destination on July 31st. The marathon is also meant to underscore the centennial of the regaining of the independence of Poland.


    Radgowski himself is disabled – he has been living thanks to a kidney transplant for 9 years now. He had his leg amputated due to diabetes and he is blind in one eye. Nevertheless, he still participates in marathons, contending with healthy participants. Furthermore, he has been undertaking extreme athletic challenges for a couple of years, taking part in so-called ultramarathons.  He dedicates each one of them to a severely ill child and then, by means of social media, he covers his everyday struggles. On the route of the next year’s edition, the sportsman will take part in the meetings with the Polish community in the US, during which he will tell his very own story, give an insight into goals of his achievements and ask for help and support for the ill child.


    Currently, Radgowski, along with TVPodhale - his media patron and Polish Scouting Association, Podhale Section is on the stage of advanced preparation for next year’s challenges on the Florida-New Jersey Route. The performance of the sportsman requires, however, great volume of work. For that reason, he is kindly reaching out to the Polish people living in the US, asking for help to provide him supplies and accommodation throughout the journey. Benefactors willing to contribute to the participation in the supermathon are very welcome as well. In exchange, Radgowski is offering promotion on his website, launching in September, 2017 and advertising by means of social networks of his media patrons.


    We wholeheartedly encourage the Polish community to support the venture ‘Dreams coming true. On a wheelchair across the USA’! Please find below the contact details, indispensable in terms of getting in touch with Janusz Radgowski.



    - Mr. Janusz Radgowski:


    tel: 601 718 200

    Koszelew 2, 09-530 Gąbin

    - TVPodhale, the media patron

    tel: 782 111 771


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